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About: Raymond Reints

Raymond…. Raymond…. Wake up! Look around you! Slowly I open my eyes, still confused of where I am at the moment. I find myself surrounded by other people in a large round tent with a very low ceiling and a stove in the middle. Several religious object decorate the walls and the indigenous Mongolian family that lives in this yurt (traditional Mongolian tent) is making us breakfast. I look around, realizing that while I’m at the other side of the planet, I feel right at home.

It’s moments like these that I really appreciate in life. Sharing moments with hospitable strangers on the other the planet, while getting to know each others cultures. A couple of years ago I was surfing the web, my eyes stumbled upon a video of the Rickshaw Run on YouTube. I was in awe and immediately I knew it: This is going straight on my bucketlist; I want to do this. I waited showing this video to my friends until I had the perfect moment. Once we had all watched the video together, I looked each and every single one of them straight in the eyes: I’m going to do this… Who’s with me?

Name: Raymond Reints
Occupation: Production Manager
Age: 24
Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Hobby's: Traveling, Furniture design / Videography
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