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About: Jeroen van Hasselt

As a sensitive kid I’ve always been hit by the way people seem to carelessly destroy rainforest and its inhabitants. I’ve supported numerous good causes in the past to counter this, but never have I done something as outspoken as we’re going to do now. This excites me.

I’ve always been fascinated by India and its rich culture, raw way of life and impending booming world society. The same goes for travelling, which I couldn’t let go after I started backpacking on my own when I came out of high school. Ever since, the adventures I’ve been seeking grew in scope and always wore a neat coating of novelty. I like to see new things, because I have an endless hunger to experience almost everything.

In the end I’d like to use all these accumulated experiences to design experiences that are fun and will help people understand each other in a way to become closer. They say that people that have been through a lot together bond more easily. So shouldn’t we all go on a big adventure together?

Jeroen on a cable car
Name: Jeroen van Hasselt
Occupation: Game Designer
Age: 25
Location: Utrecht
Hobby's: Everything media/technology/ related, adventuring, dancing.
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