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Posted on June 17th, 2016

And we are live! Keep track of our stories through the blog content and, most importantly, help us and donate!

Donation options are possible through bank transaction and PayPal, but you can also use our Generosity page!
Using Generosity, you’ll be entitled to vote on which side-challenges we will be doing along our journey.
Perhaps you’d like to vote on making us eat the spiciest of the spiciest that India has to offer, or sing you a personalized song with the words you provide.
We want to put a smile on your face while at the same time raising awareness and funding for halting the destruction of the rainforest!

Read about it on our homepage!

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Donation period has expired!

The donation period has expired! We've managed to reach our goal and even got a lot extra from our donators! Thanks to everyone who participated! Check out our Blog section for our stories, video's and more information!